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Life Lessons You Learn in Boarding School

A lot of parents have difficulty in sending their children to boarding schools because of their unwillingness to part from them at an early age. However, the experience of a residential school is unique and helps children learn skills and practices that can be used even when they grow up. The schools teach the children to be self-aware and survive in a disciplinary environment which might help students who are interested in pursuing a career in armed forces or other jobs on similar lines. The potential of these lessons not only extend in to the professional space but can also help an individual to grow personally.

Being Self Sufficient

Without any help from parents, basic things like laundry, food and money management becomes part of a student’s life. The privileges that can be enjoyed from the comforts of someone’s home become much more hands on, even in the best of boarding schools. It might sound a little harsh to make children work for basic necessities but learning these skills can help them in the future, especially if they study outside the city or country or end up living alone.

Residential Schools in India

Living with New People

To have the best kind of rapport with your classmates and your roommates can teach you a lot of things. From solving quarrels over things to living harmoniously and sharing the same room, getting accustomed to each other’s living habits can be a bit intimidating but being understanding and accommodating helps creating friends who may remain friends even when you grow up. Residential schools in India have dormitories with multiple students staying together to promote team building and coordination that might help in the careers the students might pursue.

Managing Time

It is an easy process when you live with your parents but time management takes on a new meaning once it is done inside a boarding facility. Attending all classes and doing your homework on time might sound like a breeze back home but with so many potential distractions, one might get a little side tracked. Fortunately schools help the students with proper time tables not just for classes but for their homework, and sticking to it will ensure a proper management of time and also leave you time to have some fun!


Know why Boarding Schools are Best for your Kids

To decide choosing a boarding school is equally huge for both parents and children. However, it’s not important all kids fit in well in boarding. It important that you don’t push your child and ensure that they are happy to go a boarding school.

An important key aspect that parents should consider is that at a private boarding school, education is more expensive than a day school. However, boarding school offers extracurricular and academic offerings that outdo day schools any day. Best boarding schools offer everything at their best and benefit a child to the fullest.

Genesis Global School

Personal Attention

There are smaller classrooms in boarding schools. Along with this, boarding staff spends much more time with their students, hence, making them to engage and encourage every individual in the class giving personal detailing to them.


Boarding schools employ qualified teachers than day school as they have an expensive fee structure than day schools. These teachers’ posses advanced degrees in particular subjects and extra teaching qualifications that help students develop.

Better Resources

Resident schools in India are often set on countryside or outside of cities, with top class facilities. Well-stocked libraries, sports fields and equipments and science laboratories are few of the resources that can be found in these schools. The best part is they are accessible to the kids after school too.

Encouraging Personal Responsibility

One of the best things that a boarding school inculcates in their kids is to become independent and mature individuals. As students are away from their home, they have to learn and make their own choices about day to day decisions but also bigger choice such as organization of time and schedules. Along with the same thing, boarding schools offer supportive pastoral staff, including medical doctors and nurses, counseling services and advice.

Importance Of Extracurricular Activities

Education sector has moved from the classroom learning to a better methodology – practical knowledge training. Teachers have started guiding children towards a better future. But what is gaining more attention is how schools have started emphasising on the importance of extracurricular activities. They have introduced plethora of activities for students and have kept dedicated hours for the same.

Earlier such activities were just seen as a mere source of recreation and waste of time that can only intrude daily learning. But with time, studies have hinted towards mental and physical growth through such activities that makes the little learner’s brain sharper. They boost one’s self esteem and confidence and enhance their overall development. Plus pitches are always considered better teachers than classrooms – they promote team management, and learning with development that works symbiotically.

Leading international schools in Noida offer plethora of activities kids can participate in:-

Theatre – Every school nowadays has a theatre or drama club where kids from nursery to 12th participate and unleash the best in them. This not only helps them to sharpen their acting skills but improves their listening ability and synchronisations, making them learn the art of working closely as a team.

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Debate and Writing- Yet another important club that should be a part of every school. There are students made essentially for debate – who can blurt out their opinions on a topic without fear – debate club is ideal for them. Learning to debate enhances their public speaking skills that are important for a longer run. And for those who know their stuff but aren’t good with podiums can switch to editorial school magazines and writing clubs!

Music and Dance –  Learn singing or dancing styles. There are so many options when it comes to dancing – Indo-Western, Jazz, Bharatnatyam, Bhangra, Kathak and so on. You can also pick your interest in any of the musical instruments be it guitar or violin or piano. Both the activities are a great exercise for brain and body.

Sports – Represent your school on state and district level, and someday national too by developing interest in a sport. Be it cricket, handball, badminton, karate or gymnastics – the list is endless and so are the benefits.

It is important for a kid to indulge in extracurricular activities – not out of compulsion, but interest. There are best boarding school in noida such as Genesis Global School that promotes the importance of such activities than restricting students to four walls.

Is The School Apt For Your Kid?

As parents, the task of deciding on a school and enrolling the kid should be paramount. Considerable amount of time should be spent to ensure that the school your child goes to eventually nurtures them well and inculcate good habits.

A school is that innocent yet protected space where a child gets the right values, discipline, and education. A place where learns to become a good individual with all the principles instilled.

Hence, high importance should be given to schooling right from the beginning to be able to sustain and be self sufficient in the competitive world. Often thinking on the similar lines, parents enrol their kids to the best boarding school in the city. There is right amount of exposure, exceptional learning that leads to developing more skills.

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But on the contrary, some parents root towards sending out kids to international schools in Noida to just be able to see their kids regularly.

Often the school’s glossy brochure would appeal but still catches the parents in the trap of ambiguity. If you aren’t too sure about which school your child should go to, then validate that by cross checking the following points-

Curriculum: Knowledge and learning is supreme for a child at school. If the curriculum aligns with good thoughts and the faculty is well learned, then go for it. It is essential that the child studies the appropriate things about the world.

Co-curricular: In this competitive age, if the child is not confident to present themselves out there, then there is no point. Try and inculcate good habits by pushing them into co-curricular activities that augments confidence, power, knowledge etc. activities related to sports, art, science, performing arts, literature etc. all can be used to polish one. Check if the school is well adept in these.

Take an informed decision and then only enrol to a Noida International School like Genesis Global School that empowers children into good human being.

School, A Second Home

A good education speaks volumes and hence it is necessary to attend a well renowned school. It helps you shape your future and grow as a person, giving you a sense of belonging and security within those 4 walls. While choosing a suitable school for your child, you must ensure that the faculty is well aware and easily approachable.

Consulting and taking advice from other parents is of great help, you also must go through their website thoroughly. The curriculum being offered should be up to date and extracurricular activities are a must.

There are many great schools across the world. India has some leading institutes as well, yielding smart, independent and successful individuals. There are a number of good schools in Noida and Delhi, some of them being the best boarding schools as well. These schools offer on campus housing for out station students. They have an excellent academic curriculum and offer a wide range of extra curricular activities – music, dance, art, sports, robotics etc.

Students can choose their curriculum according to what they think is suitable for them. These are widely accepted globally. A number of these schools have affiliations with foreign institutes, making them more in demand.

Often Indian students may want to travel to foreign countries in order to pursue higher studies. In this case, it is a good choice to attend an international school, as it will give students an insight into how the infrastructure is abroad. There are some leading international schools in Noida and Delhi, such as, Genesis Global School. These schools have highly qualified faculty who possess extensive knowledge in their fields. They push their students towards achieving great heights and ensure that the students are all-rounders. Never compromise on your child’s education, as education is the key to success.

Help develop your child at the nascent stage only!

I have always felt that a child must be holistically developed in their nascent childhood days so that they become competent enough for the coming age and time! There are just too many interesting things to do that one can’t even begin to think of skipping them at the least.

I remember when I was a kid; I had many things on my bucket list that I wanted to be a part off. The foremost was being able to be a part of performing arts such as theatre and dance. I just loved acting and dancing and spent most of my afternoons juggling between classes. My dear parents had me enrolled in one of the best residential schools in India that I still can’t thank enough for instilling the best habits, for moulding me into a person that I am today.

I know, as a working parent, it often gets a little tenuous while managing all the work and our children. Which is why, a school plays an essential role in filling that flimsy gap of ours.


Now that I am a mother myself, I want my little one to equally have the same advantages as I, in terms of studies and great schooling. I want her to cultivate the best habits, infused with great confidence and communication skills which will make her a woman of substance for the forthcoming times. I want her to grow into an individual with enough brains. So if you know that the school is adequately imparting the right knowledge to your kid, then you are already a winner! If not, then admit her to the best boarding school like the Genesis Global School which promises to take your kid to the road of excellence and offer the globally available facilities, which will shape your children in the best form!

Extra-curricular activities and their benefits

Most of us believe that academics is the most important part of a student’s school life. Parents and teachers spend a lot of time encouraging kids to focus on their studies. Parents often tell their kids to devote more time on studies and less on play as they think it will guarantee success in their career. This is not true however. There is another component that plays a very important role in the over-all development of the child. This component is extra-curricular activities, which has a great impact on student’s success. A student must participate in at least two to three extra- curricular activities during his school life.

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Participation in extra-curricular activities helps in improving their over-all productivity and thus can have a significant effect on their careers. It has been seen that students who participate in activities like debates, drama, choir, baseball, basketball, tennis, swimming, are able to perform better at studies when compared to their peers. It teaches them a lot of things that books alone cannot. For example, when kids participate in quizzes, dramas and debates, they get a chance to socialize with other peers, which in turn help them improve their communication skills. It makes them more confident and gives theirs self-esteem a boost. Not just that. It also enhances their stress management and time management skills and prepares them better for a bright future. Knowing the importance of extra-curricular activities, a number of residential schools in India have started conducting curricular activities within the school premises.

There are reputed day-boarding and boarding schools in Noida that conduct a range of extra-curricular activities for students of all classes. One such school is the Global Genesis School, which has excellent facilities to host a range of indoor and outdoor activities. Here, students are encouraged to participate in these activities and learn beyond the classroom, which in turn help them cope with the study pressure.